Optimize your law firm’s productivity, enhance your team’s remote working experience, integrate communications.

All in one place.

  • Keep clients and team members connected for instant info sharing
  • Access important information anytime, from anywhere.
  • Track billable hours more accurately with automatic call logging
  • Send messages, documents and files for review and modification
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Fully Integrated, Unified Communications For Law Firms

Sunrise 360 is a Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) cloud-based platform designed to help attorneys and law firms communicate efficiently and seamlessly. Our unified communications and collaboration platform, enables users to be more mobile, more productive, and share ideas and content through a single system. Whether in the office, remote, or anywhere in-between, the Sunrise 360 Elevate App seamlessly integrates all your communication tools – desktop phones, mobile phones, and computers – into one seamless solution oriented around your employees' needs and workstyles.
What exactly is a UCaaS and how can law firms use it to their advantage? Is it the right communications technology for small and medium sized law firms? These are all great questions that our team hears frequently. Let's start with what a UCaaS is, and how law practices of all sizes are leveraging this new communications technology for better collaboration, efficiency, cost savings, and scaling.
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Highly Reliable
Simplified Scaling
Lower Cost
Business continuity
Increased Productivity
Better Collaboration

How Can Our Unified Communications As A Service App Help Law Firms?

Sunrise 360, a cloud-based unified communications and collaboration platform, enables attorneys, paralegals and their teams to be more mobile, more productive, and share ideas and content through a single system. Whether in the office, remote, or anywhere in-between, 360 seamlessly integrates all your communication tools – desktop phones, mobile phones, and computers – into one seamless solution oriented around your employees’ needs and workstyles. Plus, 360 is a fully managed service. There is no need to spend hours learning about phone systems, video software, or other components. We do it for you!

Attorneys and their legal teams are busy. Time is money, and law firms need to have nimble, integrated communications systems to keep up with calls, clients, information, and internal communication. While most law firms are already using VoIP and advanced business phone systems to help organize communications and take advantage of features like call recording, many are turning to UC (unified communications) to optimize productivity, support growth and improve their team’s remote working experience.

Live chat to connect with your legal team and clients

Video conferencing

Email and file sharing with cloud availability

Remote work support for your law firm

File and desktop sharing to support your legal team's efficiency no matter where they work from.

Full voice communication from anywhere, with any device.

Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) is a technology that offers a strategic advantage to law firms of every size. From small law practices with remote working teams, to large firms, Sunrise 360 is designed to scale with any sized legal business.

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What Does Sunrise 360 UCaaS Do?

Glad you asked! We know that acronyms can get tossed around, especially in our industry. From VoIP and SIP, to UC and PBX, the verbiage can get a little confusing. In layman’s terms, our UCaaS (Unified Communications as a Service) helps integrate complex business communications tools such as – email, video conferencing, business phone systems (mobile, VoIP, etc.) instant messaging, SMS, CRM’s (like Microsoft Teams, Salesforce, etc.), into one easy-to-use system. This means your legal team can focus on their areas of expertise, while 360 integrates all communication and provides support!


Unified Communications as a Service is a cloud-based solution model for all of a businesses communications applications. This will typically combine tools like email, video conferencing, instant messaging and more into a fully-mobile suite that can be accessed from any device.

With the advent of cloud computing, many law firms and attorneys have turned to hosted services for managing IT resources that include network topology, servers, data storage, and even complete data centers. This evolution in technology now extends to communications infrastructure, allowing providers to offer access to sophisticated functionality without the acquisition, maintenance, and management expense that goes along with building such systems in-house.

Simply Put, Here’s What Our UCaaS Can Provide For Your Law Firm

The following features are provided by Sunrise 360. The best part? They are now all housed in one place. It’s kind of like The Beatles. They all sound great on their own, but when they come together to form a band, they make magic. While we cannot make great music like the Beatles, we can help unify your business’s communications in a way that is easy to use, affordable and simple. Why have Slack, Zoom, Salesforce, Email, Business Phone Systems and other communications tools that don’t “talk” to one another? We solved that problem for you. Here is what Sunrise 360 can do for you:

In Layman’s Terms:

If Slack, Zoom, Salesforce, VoIP, SMS, Dropbox, Dialpad and email all got together and formed a band….no wait, not a band. If they all got together, on the same platform, and you didn’t have to pay for them individually anymore, and they all interacted seamlessly – well, that’s Sunrise 360!

Want to keep TEAMS, ZOOM, etc., and want 360 to work with them? We can do that too!