Date: July 7, 2021

Annapolis, Maryland

Communications & Collaboration for Your Hybrid Work Model

The Communications & Collaboration solution that supports your hybrid work model needs to be:

  1. Flexible and elastic—to expand and contract, ebb and flow as your hybrid work model takes shape, then changes, then snaps back, then evolves.

  2. Capable of keeping business in the middle—so customers can reach you at the same business phone number or email address as before, regardless of where you or your employees are.

  3. Crazy simple—so it just works, and complexity is a nonissue, because you’ll have enough complicated decisions to make about criteria for returning to the office, which needs redesigning.

Elevate, as a cloud-based unified communications and collaboration platform, seamlessly integrates all your communications tools—desktop phones, mobile phones, and computers—into one manageable solution that flexibly accommodates your employees’ needs and workplaces.

Each user receives:

  • Local phone number with unique extension

  • Up to five endpoints

  • Inbound/outbound caller ID

  • WebFax

  • Voicemail box with transcription services

  • Team chat

  • Elevate Mobile App & Desktop App

  • AnyMeeting with up to 30 participants

  • 10GB per user of ShareSync file share and backup

Each account receives:

  • Centralized management of all locations

  • Auto Attendant with a direct inward dial phone number

  • Ability to configure up to 10 hunt groups

  • Conferencing: 200 toll-free minutes/month

  • Active directory integration for easy user configuration

  • Hung Group reporting

  • Enable/disable call recording

  • Spam caller protection



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