6 Reasons Why Your Aging Phone System is Putting Your SMB’s Success on Hold

Date: September 15, 2021

Annapolis, Maryland

6 Reasons Why Your Aging Phone System is Putting Your SMB’s Success on Hold

Whether it’s a question about a product or service, a new order, a support issue, or simply trying to pay a bill, customers still prefer to speak to an actual person when they call your small business in Maryland. With the right phone service, such as Sunrise Solutions’ cloud-based platform, Elevate, connecting with customers is easier than ever. Elevate combines calling, video conferencing, chat and secure file sharing all in one easy-to-access space, allowing your employees to work even faster, leading to higher customer satisfaction and, in turn, a growing business.

The types of conventional phone systems used in small and medium companies work fine when workers are actually in the office, however that’s no longer always the case. With a world that is moving towards hybrid and remote working more and more each day, it’s crucial for your business’ success that your phone system can adapt as you do. After all, the last thing a business wants is to miss sales or lose customers because they can’t communicate with your team when and how they like.

A modern cloud communications platform not only provides reliable connectivity and call quality, but it’s also user friendly and simple to maintain. Not to mention, a cloud-based Unified Communications Platform delivers the advanced features that your business needs to keep pace with impatient consumers and mobile workers.

Let’s take a bit of a deeper look at six key benefits that explain why small business across Maryland have already made the move to the cloud:

  1. Save On Unplanned Maintenance Costs
  2. Improve Customer Satisfaction
  3. Your Business Always Has Reliable Phone Service
  4. Mobilize Your Workforce
  5. Access To The Latest Features
  6. Streamline Complexity And Increase Productivity

Save On Unplanned Maintenance Costs

Gone are the days when you wonder what your phone system bill will be. With a cloud-based communication system, you’ll enjoy one flat-rate for all your calls, chats and video conferences anywhere in North America. For one predictable monthly charge, businesses will also receive a range of services, such as internet fax and conference calling, without the complexity of multiple bills.

Improve Customer Satisfaction

Your company’s phone system sets the tone for often the first point of contact your employee has with your customer, so set everyone up for success with our state-of-the-art technology. Customers expect to be able to reach someone the first time they call and, when they do, expect your employee to have all the answers at their fingertips. This is entirely possible with a cloud-based unified communications service, meaning no more switching between various platforms or putting the client on hold. A modern cloud communications platform gives your employees tools like instant access to company voicemail and business SMS to stay in touch with customers anytime, anywhere, and from virtually any mobile device. This new mobile platform is actually able to keep up with the demands of your business, regardless of whether you’re just starting out, maintaining or focusing on growth.

Your Business Always Has Reliable Phone Service

There are few things more frustrating to a customer than having to wait on hold and, when you finally get through to a representative, having the call drop. Not only does a cloud communications platform offer benefits that will give you more modern communications, but it will, first and foremost, provide reliable phone service and good call quality. Every modern business needs dependable service with good audio and video quality. A cloud solution includes a robust network and core infrastructure located in redundant data centers that provide carrier-class reliability and superior call quality. Not to mention, having a mobile and desktop computer application, along with all of your data being backed up in the cloud, means your business continues even in the case of a fire, power outage, or natural disaster. In the event that any of these happen and prevent your employees from working in your offices, they can simply use the mobile app or softphone and continue business as usual.

Mobilize Your Workforce

Shifting to a cloud communications platform means that your employees can talk to customers, and to each other, anytime, from anywhere and on virtually any mobile device. Not only does this mobility allow employees to access conference calls, video conferences, chats, faxing, web meetings, and file sharing from a mobile device, but it also provides a huge advantage in a world where people increasingly use their smartphone for work, even when in the office. Better yet, employees working remote will have the same capabilities of a full-featured phone system as they would if working in the office. They can access the company directory, check voicemail and transfer calls from a smartphone. Meanwhile, your customers will still be able to reach your employees from a single company number. This means that when employees call out from a mobile device, customers and partners see your company number—not a personal cell number. Keep your employees seamlessly connected to your customers and to each other for less than what you’re paying for your outdated phone system when you switch to the cloud.

Access To The Latest Features

Technology progresses quickly and, with an older on-premises system, your business is likely missing out on the latest features. Sunrise Solutions’ modern, cloud-based communications system upgrades automatically, providing your company with all the latest and greatest without manual updates and added fees.

Streamline Complexity And Increase Productivity

Our cloud-based unified communications platform eliminates the needs to pay for collaboration services such as video conferencing, chat, secure file storage, internet fax, backup and other stand-alone services. This helps to streamline technology while improving employee productivity. For example, with an integrated cloud communications platform, employees collaborating in a group chat can instantly elevate the session to a video conference or web meeting within the same application, with only one click.

Switch To The Cloud And Get Reliable Business Communications Up And Running Quickly

Switching your business to the cloud is incredibly simple and, when done, you will have a reliable, full-featured cloud communications platform up and running almost instantly. Most small businesses have the network bandwidth, Ethernet connections and other requirements in place already. There’s no bulky complicated on-premises hardware to struggle with—setup is all web based and, at Sunrise Solutions, we assist you every step of the way.

  • Fast to implement—and no disruption to your business
  • Getting employees connected is as simple as plugging phones into internet connections or downloading a mobile or desktop PC app
  • Using advanced mobile features—from videoconferencing to direct access to company voicemail is easy
  • Included mobile and desktop apps give your employees the ability to make and receive business calls from wherever they are currently working

If you haven’t considered switching over to the cloud before, now is as great of a time as ever. Learn more about Sunrise Solutions’ cloud service, Elevate, today to get started.

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