Date: April 15, 2021

Annapolis, Maryland

Should You Use a Mobile App?

Here are the top 5 reasons why you need a mobile app:

1. Your Business Extension Is In Your Pocket
2. Stay Connected Through Chat and Video
3. Keep Your Personal Number Private!
4. Cut Costs
5. User-Friendly

With a mobile app, you have the ability to access your organization’s phone system, turning your smartphone into a fully-featured office extension. You can do anything on your app that you can do on a desk phone, or even more! Work from anywhere and never miss a call again!

For remote workers with limited access to resources in the office, mobile apps are a great way to stay connected with features including instant messaging, presence, and conferencing capabilities. You can even use it to share files – making team collaboration easy! Lastly, improved video calling makes mobile applications more versatile and advanced, compared to traditional desk phones. You won’t need a high-end video phone!

When you need to deal with a business call when you’re away from the office, your options are limited. Do you call from your cell phone and in turn give out your personal cell number? Most people do not want their personal numbers being shown when calling clients or customers. Mobile apps fix this problem. They connect to your phone system through the Internet, which means remote workers can use these applications to make and receive business calls on their smartphones, without having to give out their personal number.

By using a mobile app that is linked to your phone system, it can also significantly cut costs. Businesses can utilize these mobile apps instead of spending money to install and maintain physical office equipment. If your business moves locations, switching or moving traditional landlines can take longer periods of time. With mobile applications, the software is installed on your cell phone and does not have to be rerouted. Setting up a mobile application can take minutes compared to installing physical hardware.

Lastly, most apps come with an intuitive user interface that is simple to learn. Easily transfer calls, conference in coworkers, and chat amongst your team with a simple push of a button.

WE have an app for that…so do YOU!

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